Clean Club

Join our exclusive “Clean Club.” Pre-pay for a laundry package and never again will you be without your favorite pair of pants or lucky socks. By joining the “Clean Club,” not only will you receive a discounted rate for your laundry needs, but you can also schedule regular pick-ups and drop-offs so you won’t need to log on each week.

Logon to set up weekly service and we’ll then show up at that same time each week (or every other) to take your “dirties.” You can also log on at anytime to check your account, adjust your pick-up/drop-off times or add more pounds . It’s that easy! Although your “Clean Club” account may not be used for dry cleaning fees, we will gladly pick up your dry cleaning at the time of your normal weekly pick up.


Don’t be a dirty schlub, join the “Clean Club.”


Clean Club Packages:




    • 110 lbs. of CLEAN laundry



      • 565 lbs. of CLEAN laundry



      • 245 lbs. of CLEAN laundry

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Please contact us at with any questions. There are no refunds on any services that are purchased from WWI. Whether single order, Clean Club, or pre paid package.