Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
When you sign up for our service, you are given a time slot for your pick up and drop off. One of our drivers will pick up your laundry within the time slot. Your laundry will be washed, dried, and folded, then dropped off during your drop off time slot.
How do I know when exactly my driver will arrive?
The driver will communicate with you via text message (or phone call if necessary). You will receive all the information you need including time estimates.
What if my time slot does not work for me?
If you’re away or busy during your time slot, there are still options for you. You can leave your laundry on your porch, some where accessible with a code (such as a garage), or with a roommate/neighbor for pickup. Our drivers are very friendly, flexible, and understanding so don’t be afraid to communicate. 
How should I prepare my laundry/dry cleaning for pickup?
Just put it in a bag with your name on it! If you have any special instructions, you can leave a note inside the bag. Dry cleaning must be clearly labeled.
Do you separate lights/darks?
We do not automatically separate whites and colors. All laundry is washed in cold water to prevent color bleeding unless otherwise specified. Any special instructions can be left on a note inside your laundry bag. 
Can I request special detergents?
Yes, but you will be responsible for providing the detergent. We can keep a supply of your detergent at our facility and alert you when it’s running low. Otherwise we will use our Ozone cleaning technology, which is more effective and much safer than chemical soaps.
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Call our office at 1-800-608-9274 and find out all you need to know and more from one of our friendly staff members!

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For commercial, summer camp and non-college affiliated accounts, please call 1-800-608-WASH or click Sign Up below to place an order / to receive more information.

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